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“A boundary breaking album of dance music that simultaneously celebrates and challenges the perception of the Welsh tradition.”

“A CD with its feet in what it knows and its head way up and out there”

“Most of the material is ‘Trad. Arr.’ but it isn’t ‘Trad. Arr.’ as we know it Jim; rather, whilst the fiddles, pipes and other ethnic instruments form the attack, the back line throbs and pulses with beats and electronics. Layer after layer of groove and reel build on one another… “ Simon Jones – Folk Roots.

“Catraeth gloriously throws caution to the wind as pibgorns, fiddles, hurdy-gurdy, electric guitars, pipes, keyboards, bombardes, fifteenth century galliards, readings from Under Milk Wood, loops and programmed grooves combine to create an irresistible force.” Dave Haslam – Rock and Reel

“WHAT an inspiration! … Moreover it’s a mouthwatering chance to madly, flailingly, bouncingly dance … It’s one hell of an album.” Mick Tems


Hotel Rex

the second CD from the welsh folk house pioneers

A year in the making, recorded in three different countries, Brittany, Scotland and Wales, written and produced by Gerard KilBride.

With the bands core talent of Dan KilBride, Gerard KilBride, Gafin Morgan, Dave Danford , Felix Pepler and Rhodri Smith, and outstanding guest performances by Pascal Lamour, Iwan Kavalez, Kate Ronconi-Woollard, Bill Taylor, Beatrice Le Bihan, Antwn Owen-Hicks, Linda Owen-Hicks, Tom Jackson, Robert Evans, Mary-Anne Roberts, Sarah Blackburn and Beth Gibson.

“ a masterpiece….11 out of 10” Simon Jones Folk Roots.

Widely respected and talented musicians and Gerard and Danny KilBride contribute fiddle, bass, pibgorn, oboe, programming and pipes. Taran’s other musicians, handpicked by the brothers: piper, pibgornydd and all round woodwind specialist Gafin Morgan, Kate Ronconi Woolard on vocals and fiddle, percussionist and vibraphone Dave Danford and Felix Pepler live samples and keyboards.